As our beloved nation is reeling in the aftermath of the deadly, devastating shooting in CT yesterday, already the assault on public schools has started.  Early this morning, I read a blog by a friend who graciously tackled the question of whether this happened because “God is not allowed in our schools.”  I hope you will allow me to voice my thoughts on the subject because I am quite passionate.

I understand that from the outside looking in, public schools may seen ‘godless’.   However, those of us who are in the schools by choice and God’s sovereign will for our families, see public schools very differently.  The public schools in America are not ‘godless’ and ‘going to hell in a hand-basket’  There is outcry from a few in the church who point their fingers and judge the schools in which they have never been a part of.   Folks allude to the idea that the shooting happened in Newtown yesterday because God is ‘not allowed’ in schools.  I am completely bewildered how this idea can be accepted by those who claim the name of Jesus.

So, allow me to clear up the misconception.  God IS allowed in public schools, and in fact He IS IN public schools.  God has called countless Christian teachers to teach in public schools and carry the light of Jesus there.  These Christian teachers are filled with the Holy Spirit and love kids in very practical ways.  They are being His hands and feet.  I am blessed to have many Christian friends, who are called to public schools, and I admire their walks with Christ and their willingness to go out on the ‘mission field’ every day.  These are the types of Christians I want influencing my kids.  Those who are not afraid but understand the heart of Jesus.

Let’s not forget the families (such as mine) that God calls to the public schools to be a witness for Him.  I can only speak for myself and my family, but my kids are not in public school as a ‘last resort’.  We are there because God called us there.  I worship a God who loves us, and I have a Savior who dined with sinners, met them where they are, and spoke His words in a way they understood.  He chose friends from among the least worthy and made Himself nothing, so He could reach all.  We believe with our whole hearts and beings that if Jesus were walking around the earth today, He would hang out in public schools.  And if He had kids, they would go to public school.  If Christian folks are concerned about the ‘godless’ state of public schools, I encourage them to get involved in the schools and allow Jesus to make a difference through them.

So to those of you who may think or wonder if this happened because God hates public school and is not allowed there, let me assure you- it’s just the opposite.  My God is all sovereign and in control.  He can go anywhere He wants and nothing happens that is out of His control.  He came to seek and save those who are lost and comfort the brokenhearted.

I’d like to end with a link to a great blog, that attempts to help us understand the relationship between God’s sovereignty and sin.  I think you will enjoy it!  The Gospel and Newtown.


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